Project Overview


The University of Sydney, in collaboration with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science are building a marine observation system to monitor the water health of Sydney Harbour. Sydney Harbour plays an important role as a marine nursery, a commercial and recreational hub and a tourist attraction, as well as being one of the most beautiful harbours in the world. The Observatory aims to provide automatic environmental monitoring of the Sydney harbour system, which will assess how changes in environment affect the harbour and will become a tool for public distribution of ongoing research of the area.



We deploy a network of sensors in strategically chosen locations within the Sydney estuary, capable of measuring selected variables and providing a snapshot of the harbour's health. The information will be made available to industry, the public and researchers.

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see the data

 Here you will find both real time data generated by our numerical model, as well as historical information from previous surveys. Together, these data samples will aid us in keeping Sydney Harbour healthy now, and into the future.

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